New graduate recruitment information

New graduate recruitment information

Application Requirements
Job types
Engineering consultants
(For those who can join the company from 2021, December 1st or April 1st 2022)

We are looking for talents who are determined to become a professional engineering consultant to join our firm. As an engineering consultant, you will be meeting with clients to discuss their problems and needs from its root, offer engineering and technical solutions and follow through with the implementation of suggested solutions until the problem is solved.
The position requires having both perspective as an engineer and a consultant: an engineer who has a deep understanding in technologies, explores then chooses an adequate method/technology to solve an issue and a consultant who sees things from the clients eyes and works side by side with them on problem solving.
Master or Ph.D.
Starting salary (in case of working in Tokyo, scheduled to begin in April 2020)
*The following includes the uniform regional allowance (Tokyo) of 33,500 yen
and the uniform non-smoking allowance of 5,000 yen.

Monthly salary for those with a master's degree: 239,750 yen
Monthly salary for those with a doctorate degree: 245,000 yen
Once a year
In principle, twice a year (summer and winter)
Work locations
Nakano Ward, Tokyo
Otsu Town, Kikuchi-gun, Kumamoto Prefecture
Work hours
“Flex time” system
(Core time 9:00 to 16:00 with standard working hours of 8.0 hours/day)
Holidays & vacation
Two full days off in every calendar week (closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays), across-the-company holidays at end & beginning of the year, paid vacation, and other special holidays provided.
Various benefits
Family allowance, regional allowance, overtime allowance, commuting allowance, children's allowance, non-smoking allowance, etc.
Training systems
- “Basic stance” training (newcomers & third year)
Newcomers will learn about the entire company through group work in the month of April. From May to July, the newcomers will receive OJT to learn about the overall work for the final assignment in August. Staff members on their third year will make an inventory of what they have done so far and learn how to build a career onward.
- Training for newly assigned salespeople
- Career support training (those in their 20’s and 30's)
- Management skills training (section chief & managers)
- Innovation and strategy development training (project leaders & managers)
- Financial support for government qualifications acquisition & congratulatory rewards for acquiring government qualifications
e.g. Professional engineers, associate professional engineers, computational mechanics engineers, structural consultants, first-class registered architect, concrete engineers, facility managers, certified public accountants, Lawyers, patent attorneys, tax accountants, social insurance consultants, SME management consultants
- Financial support for attending various seminars, participating in cross-sector exchange events, and studying abroad
Benefit programs
- Complete set of social insurances
- Retirement plan (401k)
- Nest-egg savings plans (house nest-egg savings, pension nest-egg savings, general nest-egg savings, 20% incentive bonus)
- Rented company housing program (up to 50,000 yen per month, up to 100,000 yen for “reikin,” initial one-time payment to the landlord)
- Meal allowance program (partially self-paid 7,000 yen meal ticket distributed)
- Recreational facilities (across Japan)
- Mental health care (consultation desk run by an external company)
- Medical checkup
- Various club activities (baseball club, soccer club, ski club, tennis club, music club, marine club (fishing club), table tennis club, radio club, surfing club, triathlon club, volleyball club, and other independent activities)
- Stock ownership plan
Selection schedule

Company introduction session

Non selection process/Prerequisite for applying to KKE selection process

A total two hours session of who we are, what we do, our vision and who we are looking for. We ask candidates to attend full time, otherwise you will not be eligible to apply for further steps.
Press “ENTRY” button at the bottom of this page for registration.


Application for screening

Selection process

Submit CV and take three aptitude tests.
For those who have attended STEP1, an email will be sent to your “mypage” account. Please follow the instructions in the email.


Application for interactive dialogue

Non selection process/Prerequisite for applying for further steps

Submit two documents and take an aptitude test.

For those who have passed STEP2, an email will be sent to your “mypage” account. Please follow the instructions in the email for application and booking the date for STEP4 , the interactive dialogue.


Interactive dialogue

Selection process

30 minutes Skype meeting with recruiters.


Company tour & final interview in JAPAN

Selection process

A total of two or three days process which takes place in Tokyo, Japan.

For those who have passed STEP4, an email will be sent to your “mypage” account. Please follow the instructions in the email.

*Your safety and well-being is our first priority. Please understand that these dates might change due to the situation and the traveling regulation for COVID-19 by each country.